Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Well, it was overdue, but AE and I finally got our hair cut. And we are now "stylish," as she likes to say! Take a look...

Joseph has been enjoying all of the construction that is happening in our neighborhood right now. They are currently building a house on one side of us and are about to start on the opposite side next week. Right now, he has the best view from his sister's window. Check it out...

We just found out that some very good friends of ours will be building right next to us, so we are very excited about our future neighbors!!!!

Hope you all are having a great week!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

So Much To Say...

here's a quick synopsis of what we've been up to since the last post...

*Splashing around in the backyard due to the extreme heat (notice that Joseph has placed a chair in the pool and is about to jump from it!)

*Anna Elise getting to see her first stage performance of the The Backyardigans (her awesome Daddy took her and they had sooo much fun!) Notice the title is 'Tale of the Mighty Knights' and AE keeps calling it, "The Tale of the Nighty Nights!" Too cute.

*Games of chase before winding down for the evening

*Getting ready for Pre-Season Football (Geaux Saints!), which means lots of Who Dat?! and Tiger Roars are ahead

*Sneaking onto the kitchen counters and creatively eating our snacks (that would be a soft potty seat topper that he is sitting and scooting around on!)

*Attending a birthday party at a local gymnastics facility (what a blast!!)

*Quick family beach trip to Gulf Shores, AL. Joseph was so scared of the sand at first, but he got over his fears and was soon dumping buckets of it on his head and running straight to the ocean. AE fell in love with the beach last year and kept asking when we were going back this year...she got her way! We met a couple from Georgia (north of Atlanta, actually) who had two kids the same ages as ours and they all got along swimmingly. Their son, Preston is pictured with Anna Elise, but I don't have a really good picture of their, daughter Vivienne (please forgive my spelling!), who was adorable and so smart and well-behaved! The woman pictured with AE and Jobo was their nanny on the nights Jason and I went out to dinner. Her name is Glenda and she's the best!! She played with the kids and even bought them a little stuffed pelican and seal. Thank you, Ms. Glenda!! The last picture in this set is of all of the jellyfish that people kept catching. They were really bad this time of year and so many kids kept getting stung. Made you just want to stay in the pool, which was great because it was only 2 ft. deep (perfect for the young ones).

*Shopping for school supplies and being filmed on the local news (thank goodness there were no interviews done!) Okay, so my daughter and I are famous now, what can we say?! :)


Thank goodness they didn't get us on camera once we had passed the school supplies section. AE had found a Bratz doll that she refused to let go of and had to be carried out of the store screaming. It was NOT pleasant!!

Later Tater!!