Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday, Monday

...and so much to catch up on! We had a family reunion in the north central part of the state. The last two of my grandmother's sisters and my grandmother were in attendance as well as the other sisters' & brother's families. We had a great time, even though we spent most of it herding the kiddos instead of visiting with all of the relatives. We did get a great picture of my family, though.
From left to right...Jason holding Anna Elise, my brother Rob, my grandmother Geneva, my dad Jim. and me holding Joseph. Just wish my mom could have been there as well.

Last week, Anna Elise started her summer camp program, which is really just a summer Mother's Day Out, but I had to change the name in order for it to sound cool to her. Imagine that!

Here she is in the car holding her Webkinz Chihuahua that her Jacq gave her for Christmas. She affectionately named the dog, Kitty.

By the middle of the week, both kids had appointments to get their hair cut. Anna Elise told me she wanted her hair cut to her ears...I told her no and had only an inch cut off and light layering done. I did give in to another hair cut at a later date that would shorten it to her shoulders, but no higher. I don't want to lose her curls!!!

You can't tell much from this picture, but they do have new 'do's! They were also enjoying cold popsicles on a hot afternoon!

We had some sprinkler action going on during the week, which involved soaked clothes and then naked bodies. And it never fails with a little boy, the minute the diaper comes off, pee pee ensues! I think it's finally connecting with Joseph that pee pee comes from his wee wee and that he can have some control over it. I got a few snapshots of him trying to make himself pee pee, but I probably shouldn't post them here...

Friday night, I attended an all-school class renion with some of my girlfriends for our old alma mater. Apparently, the school is supposed to be relocating to a different location and the old building is being torn down, hence the need for an all-school reunion. Of course, it was the 40th reunion for the class of '68, so it was a very special weekend. I attended the banquet with three very good friends, Abby M., Michelle C., and Suzanna A. (who met up with us at the banquet). While we were there, we listened to speakers, danced, ate/drank, and caught up with more good friends that we hadn't seen or spoken to in awhile. It was a really fun night, but we missed the people who could not attend (won't mention any names, but I think you know who you are!). They had good excuses, though, so we'll forgive them at this time. Anyway, I'm attaching some pics from that night. Oh, I wasn't able to attend the Family day on Saturday, so Abby M., I apologize and I hope you weren't too mad at me for that! Here are the pics...

That brings us to Father's Day...Jason and Joseph were caught watching the LSU Tigers play the North Carolina Tarheels in the College World Series. They lost, but they have another chance to redeem themselves on Tuesday night against Rice. Geaux Tigers!!! Wait, I forgot, I haven't downloaded those pictures yet, so I'll include them in another post.

Well, that's about it for now. I hope everyone has a great week!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I was stumped for a title for this post. Features came to mind after reading Leigh Ann's entry about her son's eyelashes (the kind every woman wishes she had!). My kids were also blessed with long eyelashes, although not from me, and that's one of many features I love about them.

AE has beautiful, long curls and big blue eyes (though they tend to be more gray as she ages), and I just love the one dimple she has on the left side of her face. Too cute! She also has this belly laugh that is so infectious, if you hear it you can't help but laugh as well.

Joseph is small for his age, but so darn cute. He also gets compliments of how pretty he is and I take no offense to that either. I think he's rather 'purty' myself!

Hope everyone is having is having a great week! Happy Hump Day! :)