Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas 2008

Mehwy Kissmas (as Joseph says)! We had a wonderful day celebrating with family. Jason's mom had driven up from MS to visit over Christmas. My dad, grandmother, and brother joined us for a late lunch on Christmas Day. The kids were overwhelmed with presents (from Santa as well as family members) and have enjoyed playing with everything. My wonderful hubby gave me some UGG boots and a beautiful mother's necklace and he received Sirius radio. I think I got the better deal, don't you? Maybe not. :)

Joseph got his first drum set. Check out our future rock star. Big sister had to have her turn on it as well, and she's really good...we may have to start our own family band! I guess lessons are in our future. :)
I hope everyone is having a wonderful Holiday Season!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Warning: Don't Try This At Home

Does anyone else's 2-year-old try this? He used the dryer door to boost himself up and into the washing machine. Crazy!! He is addicted to place is safe!

Where has the time gone????

I hope I haven't lost everyone....hello? Hello? Is anyone out there?!

I guess it's way past time to update this blog. A lot has happened since September. Let me fill you in...

I attended a local pumpkin patch with Anna Elise's class. We went on a hay ride, picked a small pumpkin from the vine to take home, ate lunch and just enjoyed a wonderful sunny afternoon playing and visiting with friends.

Our local Mommy & Me group had a Halloween parade for the children. They bobbed for apples, climbed aboard a fire truck, had refreshments, and went trick or treating. Joseph wasn't able to attend as he was napping, but Anna Elise had a blast!

I guess I need to include what Jason and I were able to do as well. We attended the New Orleans Saints vs. Oakland Raiders game in the Big Easy. We met some good friends there and had a nice weekend watching football, eating and drinking.

At Luke's, a game day favorite!

These helmets got lots of compliments!!

Had to take a picture of #55, Scott Fujita!!

And of course, the AR boy...McFadden.

We ended October with trick or treating at a friend's house. The kiddos had a blast. Thank you, Myerskis, for opening your home (and neighborhood) to us!

Ahhh, this month revolved around food, doctors and football. What a great combination, eh?!

November 4th was our 8th wedding anniversary, so went out to dinner to celebrate. Our friends, the Johnsons, had ordered us a bottle of wine and it was waiting for us when we arrived at the restaurant. I was in good spirits....

I also took the kids to Firefly Pottery (with the Mommy group) to make Christmas gifts for grandparents and wound up getting some extras just to keep them occupied while I decorated. It was fun, but also nerve wracking...Joseph was like a bull in a china shop!

The weekend before Thanksgiving, we traveled to Hattiesburg, MS and New Orleans, LA. Jacq watched AE and Jobo, while Jason and I met our friends, the Burkhalters, in the Big Easy for another long weekend. We shopped, ate at some fabulous places, and attended the Monday Night game...the Saints vs. the Packers. Needless to say, we had an awesome weekend. :)
I should have some pictures to document that weekend, but there is a long story regarding my camera and I don't have any. :(

About the doctors...Joseph developed double ear infections while we were gone (poor thing!) and had to be taken to an immediate care place on Sunday. Antibiotics and a decongestant later, and he is a much happier person! No wonder he was so miserable on our car ride to MS!! Well, after 7 days of antibiotics, he's still pulling at his right ear and screaming when you touch it, so off we go back to the doctor's office. Apparently his right ear had developed a hole in it and then rehealed itself, but it was still infected and he needed a different antibiotic to treat it. Round 2 of antibiotics!! And then, in between these two visits, he cut the back of his heel (near his Achilles' tendon) so badly he had to be taken to the E.R. for stitches (8 of 'em!). He had an X-ray done, some numbing stuff put on that didn't work, so he still have to have a local anesthetic injected, and then 8 stitches sewn in! Oh, my baby!! I was out in the car with AE...Jason was the brave Daddy who had to watch all that.

AE, Jobo, and I went to see the Peabody Ducks with a few of the moms from the Mommy group. It was my first time to see them as well. Joseph really liked the glass elevators and we all had to go for a ride up and then down in one. It was neat to see the ducks come down from the 2nd floor and then walk the red carpet to the fountain.

The Mommy group held their annual Christmas party at the local Community Center. Jason, the kids and I attended. Santa and Mrs. Claus were also there and they handed out books to all of the children. It was a lengthy process, but a lot of fun!

Jason turned 35 this month. In fact, he and my dad share the same birthday, but I won't mention my dad's age. :) Happy Birthday, hubby and Dad!! I hope you both had great days!
Jason's Mom got here last Friday, so I've been doing last-minute shopping, gift wrapping and trying to get the house in some kind of order for the holidays. Oh yeah, did I mention Joseph has another round of ear infections (Round 3, is it?)?
Happy Holidays...Merry Christmas...Happy New Year!!